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Lucifer Final Season Adds The Actors of Star Trek and Deadpool

Lucifer Final Season Adds The Actors of Star Trek and Deadpool

Hildebrand will play Rory

Brianna Hildebrand (Trinkets, Runt) is best known as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool. Brianna Hildebrand will play a rebellious angel who looks up to the titular Devil. Rory will be a “rebellious, angsty, and ready-to-start-some-trouble angel.” She hopes in Lucifer’s footsteps, but she’ll eventually realize he isn’t “the devilish big bro she hoped he’d be.”

Merrin Dungey is set to portray the role of Sonya

Merrin Dungey most recently appeared on Big Little Lies, Man with a Plan, and CBS All-Access’ Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, The FIx, and Alias.
Dungey will be playing a cop named Sonya. Sonya will be a “no-nonsense uniform cop who forms an unlikely bond with Amenadiel [DB Woodside].”

Moreover, Debbie Gibson will guest star in the musical episode as Shelly BitnerEve (Inbar Lavi) will be back and Matthew Bohrer will appear as Donovan Glover. 

Lucifer season 5A premiered on Netflix in August. Season 4 and 5A are available to watch now on Netflix. However, season 5B of Lucifer has not yet been released on Netflix because of the pandemic. There is speculation on the release date of season 5B. Joe Henderson said about that: “I mean, it’s finished SHOOTING. We still have plenty to do before it’s ready for Netflix! (I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up about timeline).” Season 6 is currently in production.
You can watch the official trailer of Lucifer season 5A below!

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