The Office Creator Greg Daniels Says Closed Michael Scott Into A Killer

The Office Creator Greg Daniels Says Closed Michael Scott Into A Killer

The Office creator and showrunner Greg Daniels reveals they so closed character Michael Scott into a killer. He said that to put his lift off when writers wanted to make Steve Carell‘s character to the murderer.

This series is originally based on the 2001 British sitcom of the same title. After that, the mockumentary style genre series aired on NBC in 2005. With this series, the American sitcom style redefined again. And, the series follows a paper company in the hands of Scranton, Pennsylvania branch manager Michael Scott and his teammates. This mockumentary also tells the everyday lives of the manager and the employees he “manages.” The crew follows the employees around 24/7 and captures their quite humorous and bizarre encounters as they will do what it takes to keep the company thriving.

After 9 seasons, The Office ended in May 2013 with 201 episodes and entered between the longest-running series.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, The Office creator Greg Daniels revealed writers nearly turned Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott into a killer. But he prevented and said: 

“There were times where [the writers] would become enamored with a joke.

And I’d have to put my foot down. For instance, they really wanted Michael to kill Meredith with his car. That was an early pitch, where he runs her over in the parking lot and then comes back, gets a tire iron, and finishes the job. I was like ‘You can’t do that, that’s crazy!'”

He also said how powerful crew they are: 

“It was really lightning in a bottle to get that cast together and the writers, as well. It was a very talented crew that made it and loved it and put in the extra effort.”

Also, this interview features producer Mike Schur, alongside stars Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor) and B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard).

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